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Valid in Ontario and all Canadian Provinces.

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The Urban Studies
online courses will

  • Give you the knowledge needed to inspect each required component of all types of new homes & older residences
  • Teach you how to communicate effectively with your clients
  • Give you the skills required to become successful in this growing industry

Your options
after graduating

  • Take an accredited home inspection certification exam from any home inspection association
  • Seek out full-time employment with a home property inspection company
  • Become a self-employed home inspector who offers their services to agencies as well as individual home owners or buyers.


Urban Studies is flexible and allows you to enrol in a course or program whenever you like. There is no need to wait for a particular semester to register. Take one course or the complete program, and study at your own pace. The personal attention you receive from enrolment to your courses helps ensure that you can focus on earning your diploma online.

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Caulking - The Need to Knows!

A home maintenance that pays back right away is re-caulking your home. Caulking is a relatively simple task and it protects homes against water and moisture intrusion. It’s quite effective in preventing drafts and heat loss and also prevents dangerous fumes like carbon monoxide from seeping into the house.

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Every homebuyer wants the security of knowing that the home he/she is considering is good beneath the surface. For all home sellers, here’s a list of housing systems that should be in order if you want to pass the inspection with flying colors.

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Summer’s in full swing, and that means summer storms, heat, humidity, and air conditioning bills! Given our warm weather, it’s time to get your house in tiptop shape and running as smoothly as possible before the winter hits. So before you head off for a well-deserved summer vacation, take the time to check Part 1 of our home maintenance tasks.

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