Become a certified
home inspector

Valid in Ontario and all Canadian Provinces.

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The Urban Studies
online courses will

  • Give you the knowledge needed to inspect each required component of all types of new homes & older residences
  • Teach you how to communicate effectively with your clients
  • Give you the skills required to become successful in this growing industry

Your options
after graduating

  • Take an accredited home inspection certification exam from any home inspection association
  • Seek out full-time employment with a home property inspection company
  • Become a self-employed home inspector who offers their services to agencies as well as individual home owners or buyers.


Urban Studies is flexible and allows you to enrol in a course or program whenever you like. There is no need to wait for a particular semester to register. Take one course or the complete program, and study at your own pace. The personal attention you receive from enrolment to your courses helps ensure that you can focus on earning your diploma online.

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A career change in today’s high passed environment can be frightening. Many of use are familiar with the housing market; so home inspections can seem like a natural path to follow. However, a prudent entrepreneur should weigh his/hers pros and cons prior to embarking in this profession. Training can be exciting, but succeeding as a small business owner is a completely separate thing. Before investing your time and money, you should answer the following 3 questions.

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"People don’t want to be millionaires. They want to experience what they believe only millions can buy."

"The new rich: time & mobility"

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HEY EVERYONE! It’s guardrail awareness day! LOL!

It’s summer! How many of you are planning bbq parties on the backyard deck this weekend? Make sure it’s safe for your guests with this short blog on proper railings!

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